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uSens’ Impression Pi Generates Huge Buzz and Interest at SIGGRAPH

Last week, we brought our Impression Pi prototype, complete with our latest advances in augmented reality overlay, seamless transitions between augmented and virtual reality, and 3D “free hand” gesture recognition and tracking, to SIGGRAPH. SIGGRAPH is an annual conference on computer graphics convened by the ACM SIGGRAPH organization. This year, the conference was held at the Los Angeles Convention Center from August 9-13. This year at SIGGRAPH, we offered attendees the chance to experience two different demos. The first, was a demonstration of Impression Pi’s hand tracking / gesture recognition technology. This demo invited attendees to poke at balloons in space using their fingers. The cameras on the Impression Pi Core track the user’s hand movement and depth and translate that into virtual reality, so you can see yourself interacting with the balloons. The second demo stole the show. In this one, which we have dubbed, “The Terracotta Warrior Experience,” attendees had a chance to interact with a model Terracotta Warrior. Our Impression Pi first impressed users with an AR overlay, etching its original colors back onto the Terracotta Warrior. Then, users were amazed as the augmented reality scene shifted right before their eyes to virtual reality. In VR, users were able to interact with the scene, accessorizing the Terracotta Warrior, before the scene shifted back to AR. Our team not only had a booth space on the exhibition floor at SIGGRAPH, we were also invited to present at VR Village. At VR Village, we presented for two days. On the second day, due to the huge volume of attendees interested in Impression Pi and the long lines that had formed on the first day, the organizers placed us in one of the largest demo spaces at VR Village. On the exhibition floor, the level of buzz that Impression Pi generated was significant as well. Often, there were 10-15 people at any given time, waiting to try out Impression Pi. Over the course of the three days that we were at SIGGRAPH, over 1,000 people either visited us at our booth or came by our table / demo space at VR Village. Attendees who stopped by to try out Impression Pi represented a diverse group of people, from university researchers to graphics designers to content developers. We were especially thrilled to see several of our Kickstarter backers who came by our booth to try out our latest technological progress with Impression Pi. Impression Pi will be tabling at TechCrunch’s Disrupt SF, from September 21 – 23. Farther out, we will have a booth at CES 2016 in Las Vegas from January 6 – 9, next year. For more about uSens, Inc. and Impression Pi, check out our social media sites: On the Twitter: @usensinc On the Facebook: uSens, Inc. – Impression Pi On the Google+: uSens, Inc. – Impression Pi And their company page on LinkedIn: uSens, Inc. Company Profile  

uSens Announces Two Breakthroughs in Virtual Reality Technology

Impression Pi, uSens’ Product, Named a Top 10 Finalist in SIGGRAPH’s Immersive Realities Contest LOS ANGELES, CA–(Marketwired – Aug 10, 2015) – SIGGRAPH 2015 — Silicon Valley start-up uSens, Inc. today announced two major breakthroughs in virtual reality technology. The first is 3D hand gesture recognition and tracking for mobile VR-headsets. The second is Super Reality: a natural combination of augmented and virtual reality, and the seamless transition between the two. Both of these technologies can be found in the Impression Pi Core, which will empower the next generation of virtual reality headsets. uSens will be demonstrating Impression Pi in Booth #241 at SIGGRAPH, August 11 – 13, in Los Angeles. The company will also have a table at SIGGRAPH’s VR Village on August 12 from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. and August 13 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and will be giving a brief presentation at SIGGRAPH’s Exhibits FastForward on August 10 from 3:45 – 5:15 p.m. “Businesses and consumers have long understood and aspired to create deeper and more meaningful ways to see and experience things that can’t be physically present and to project layers of virtual data onto real world environments,” said Anli He, CEO and Co-Founder of uSens. “But the industry has grappled with a myriad of challenges such as with gesture control and with combining AR and VR technologies. uSens is proud to provide a solution that not only solves these problems, but is light, portable and allows users to embrace a truly immersive ‘Super Reality.’” Impression Pi’s natural 3D gesture recognition, orientation sensing, and 6DOF head position tracking allows users to control a display and use their hands and fingers like they would in the real world. The result is a more immersive VR experience, allowing users to do things like interact with people and/or objects in applications much more naturally than they could with a joystick or touchpad. Completely wireless, Impression Pi offers total mobility. Because Impression Pi is equipped with its own internal proprietary computer vision module, which track both your hands and your position in the room, it can “read” the environment and shift as a user moves around. It is a light, mobile headset that lets you navigate the virtual world with your physical body, unencumbered by cords or accessories. uSens’ pioneering mobile VR/AR technology also opens up a whole new world of potential target markets not possible with current virtual reality products — such as virtual training and education, healthcare/medical, entertainment, and creating new emotional connections through shared virtual experiences. Impression Pi’s features include: Fully Wireless – empowers mobile phones without requiring cumbersome cords (untethered) Super Reality – transitions smoothly between virtual reality and augmented reality Gesture Control – hand and finger recognition and interaction to sub-mm accuracy at > 60fps Head Tracking – ultra low latency head tracking to gain positional awareness with a movement range of > 5 meters 90º Field of View – incredibly wide field of view compared to other headsets Easy Porting of Content – SDK seamlessly integrates content from Unity and Google Cardboard, with others in the works. You’ll be able to easily port your existing virtual reality content into our ecosystem. uSens is working with content developers to provide more applications to users. uSens will be shipping developer kits by Christmas this year and is currently seeking additional developer partnerships. Impression Pi is also a reference design for potential industry partners on the type of modular frame compatible with our embedded Impression Pi Core. About uSens Founded in 2013, Silicon Valley-based uSens Inc. provides 3D interactive solutions for virtual reality and augmented reality. An innovative start-up, uSens is the first to offer 3D gesture recognition on mobile platforms and first to combine virtual and augmented reality. uSens’ latest product, Impression Pi, is a next generation mobile VR + AR headset with gesture control and 6DOF head position tracking, allowing users to experience a truly immersive “Super Reality.” Beyond gaming, uSens’ technology can empower a new world of applications in education, healthcare, entertainment, and business training. uSens’ founders and team include some of the pioneers in virtual reality. In addition to Impression Pi, uSens is also the creator of the highly popular Fingo Virtual Touch (FVT), their touch-free 3D interactive kiosks in China. To learn more, visit their website: